How to Make the Understairs Playroom at Koko Head Resort

We love the underground playroom at the Koko Heads Resort in the Bahamas.

We also love the understairs playroom.

Here’s how you can make it a reality at your own home.


Find a cheap place to set up the playroom 2.

Cut the concrete to fit inside the concrete 3.

Drill holes to allow access to the playrooms 4.

Use duct tape to fasten the play rooms to the concrete 5.

Put a curtain around the area to keep everyone safe and secure 6.

Add an electrical strip and a water heater to keep the heat in check 7.

Use a PVC pipe to keep people away from the play area 8.

Seal off the play areas to prevent water from entering the play room 9.

Keep the water inside the playhouse in place 10.

Install a water filter to keep water out of the play house 11.

Install an automatic sprinkler system to keep things under control 12.

Seal all the doors to keep your home safe and sound 13.

Add a second water tank to keep out water 14.

Add some more PVC pipe in the bottom of the water tank for extra security 15.

Install more water tank doors 16.

Install extra PVC pipes in the ceiling and walls 17.

Add more flooring to make the play space look more luxurious 18.

Add decorative tiles and more to the interior 19.

Add light fixtures and a waterfall to make it feel like a spa 20.

Add ceiling fans to make your playroom look more like a nightclub 21.

Add other amenities like an indoor pool, a spa, or even a waterfall for added fun 22.

Add outdoor seating for a great atmosphere 23.

Add another outdoor table for more entertainment 24.

Add additional lighting to your play space 25.

Install additional ceiling fans 26.

Add wood panels to the bottom to make this space look like it has a spa vibe 27.

Add colored tiles to make a new playroom experience 28.

Add lighting to the outdoor seating area 29.

Add the stairs to make that area look like a playground 30.

Add extra light fixtures to make more room for people to play in the playspace 31.

Add two light fixtures on top of the pool to create a full play space 32.

Add ventilation to the underfloor area 33.

Add lights to the pool area and under the pool 34.

Add plumbing fixtures to add more security to the underwater playroom 35.

Add stairs for additional security to make sure people don’t get to the top of this playroom 36.

Add one more ceiling fan in the under floor area to make up for the underwater playroom 37.

Add sprinklers to the underground area 38.

Add water to the Underwater Playroom 39.

Add your own pool, spa, and waterfall 40.

Add electrical lights to add a more glamorous look 41.

Add LED lights to your underwater play area 42.

Add flooring, decorative tiles, and more for a complete underwater play space 43.

Add all of the above to create the ultimate play space!

Read more about Koko’s Underwater playrooms here!

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