Climbing up the stairwells to the top of a witch stairway

The witches staircase is one of the most famous stairwell features in the world.

 This story of a small-town witch-inventor’s discovery was told by a young girl in her teens who lived across the street from the staircase.

The stairwell was just a few feet below the street level, and a young woman, named Mary, had been telling her father that it was the most beautiful staircase in town, and that the only thing holding her back was the witch’s staircase.

The stairwell led up to a house that was being built.

Mary’s father, James, had never seen a staircase like that before.

When he got to the staircase, the girl was already climbing up it.

James was not satisfied.

He wanted to see it himself, so he pulled his car out and started driving up the stairs.

As he got closer, he realized that the staircase was much wider than the house was.

And the girl had gotten up to the highest part of the stairs before she was able to see the ground.

It was just beyond her reach.

For James, it was a terrifying moment.

He ran over and sat down on the steps.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” he said to himself.

There was no way he was going to lose Mary.

But Mary had no idea what to do.

She was scared.

She didn’t want to go down the stairs and fall to her death.

A small crowd had gathered around her, ready to protect her.

I am afraid, she thought.

Her father James, with his mother Mary, tried to push Mary off the stairs, but Mary was strong.

This was a witch, she was sure of it.

She managed to hold on.

Even though Mary was not in a good place right now, she continued to try to climb the stairs to the bottom.

Eventually, Mary was able go up the last two steps and she was down on one knee.

Now she was in her bedroom.

My God, I am dying.

Finally, she looked at her father and realized what she had to do to save her life.

In order to get down the witch stairs, Mary had to put her arm over the edge and hold onto the bottom of the staircase until she reached the bottom, then climb up and pull herself to the ground in order to stop the witch.

What did I do wrong?

She thought.

I must have pushed her too hard.

Then she remembered something.

If she had just gotten out of the car and run down the staircase before she lost Mary, she might have been able to stop this witch.

Mary realized that she was scared, and she had no time to be scared.

She pushed herself back up and onto the stairs herself.

That’s when she heard her mother’s voice saying: “She’s going to get up!”

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