The staircase that led to my heart and soul

A story of love and loss that has gripped my soul for over a decade.

The stairs to my bedroom, the way I looked at my phone, the look on my face when I told my husband that he would have to stay with me.

The way my eyes lit up when I read the words on my son’s birth certificate.

The look of terror on my husband’s face when he learned that he was going to be going to live with his grandparents.

The story of my life.

My heart broke in the second grade when I found out that I was pregnant.

I had to take a break from school and spend the first months of my pregnancy in the hospital.

My heart was broken because I had no idea what to do with my pregnancy.

I was devastated.

My husband and I were in the middle of a divorce, but I wanted to stay at home.

I felt like a failure and I was depressed.

I couldn’t go to church, go to school, or go to a movie.

I just couldn’t.

I would lie in bed, crying and trying to sleep, because I felt that the best thing to do was to give birth.

It was heartbreaking.

When I told the doctors that I needed to be admitted to the hospital, they told me I couldn\’t do it.

I could go to work.

But the thought of being at work kept me up at night.

It wasn\’t until I was in my 20s and working as a bartender in a bar that I realized how wrong I was.

I was living with my mom and dad, but my dad worked as a bouncer, and I worked as an electrician.

I worked full time.

I went to college and went to a private college.

I loved going to school.

I did what I had always done and I did my best.

When I got to college, I realized that the hardest thing about living with a pregnant woman was the fact that I wasn\’T the person that she wanted to spend time with.

She was.

The things that I loved and had always loved were the things that she couldn\’ts afford.

She couldnt.

She couldn\’ t afford anything.

She had no money.

And that\’s when she was sick.

She was just so sick.

It took her a long time to recover from the miscarriage and it took her so long to find out that she had twins.

The doctors didn\’t know how to help her, and they never knew how to love her, either.

I think that the worst part about the whole thing was that it was my fault.

I thought that because she wasn\’ t having babies that she was just not worth it.

My husband was right, because it was really hard for me to give her back what I wanted, and so I had her.

That was the hardest part of it.

I would never be the same without her.

She gave me everything that I could have ever wanted, but then she gave me nothing at all.

It\’s been hard for all of us to look at each other and not have to talk about her.

But we\’re going to keep fighting.

We\’re still fighting.

Because we love each other.

And we will continue to fight.

We are going to fight until the day we get to our wedding.

We still live together.

We still love each others children.

And every day we are still fighting for each other, so we can stay together and have children together.

We don\’t even have to tell each other that we\’ve been through this.

We have to let each other know.

But for now, we just have to fight through it.

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