Which character would you most like to play as?

If you asked me back in January, the answer would probably be Zelda.

She’s the star of the franchise, she’s got the best sword, and she has a massive arsenal of abilities.

But she’s also an odd duck, and that’s the most important thing.

While we can play Zelda in every game in the series, we can’t do that with every character, and sometimes that’s a bit awkward. 

Now, with this list, we have the opportunity to see if we can identify characters we might want to play in any game. 

We’ve broken the list down into seven categories. 

If you want to be able to explore each category, head to our Character Spotlight page. 

Each of the seven categories has two or more of the following characters in it: a) a male character b) a female character c) an unknown character  Each character is represented with a red dot and an arrow pointing to their position. 

In each of the categories, the first character we get to play is the one that is closest to us in the game.

For example, Zelda has a green dot on her chest, and the arrow points to where her character is on the map. 

So, for example, if you were looking at this list and saw Link, you might want him to be on the left side of the map, where you would normally see him. 

But that’s not how it works, because this is not a Zelda game, and Link is not the same character as you. 

You can actually see him by the green dot that points to him, but he is not on the right side of your map.

So, to find the other character in the list, just click on the blue dot. 

Next, you’ll want to select a character you like, and then click the yellow arrow on the character. 

Once you’ve chosen your favorite character, we’ll list them all, and you can then click on their name to see their position on the list. 

This is a pretty basic list, but the most useful feature is that you can see which character is in the first position on this list.

In this case, that would be Zelda, and if you have two other characters on your list, you can easily find them. 

Finally, click on any of the icons to see more information. 

For example, here’s Zelda’s head icon, which is located right in front of her chest. 

It also shows that she’s a female. 

The arrows indicate which character has the lowest health, and this means that Link has the least health. 

Here’s another example of the head icon. 

That’s a Link, and he has an arrow to the left of him.

The arrows point to where his character is, but Link’s head is in front. 

As we can see from these examples, the icons do not mean anything in-game. 

They are simply lists of characters, and each icon represents a single character.

We’ll look at each character one by one in the following sections. 

A note on the above icon: The icons above the character names are in case you want your cursor to move over any icon on this page.

This is done to make the character’s information easier to read, and to help you quickly see the information about the character as it is presented on the page. 

Let’s get started. Character Position Head Arrow Location  Green Head icon 0x0C 0/4 0A Green dot 0X0B 0D/8 0F Blue dot  0X0D 0E/16 11 20  Blue arrow 0XP 0B/16  2 2  Yellow arrow  0XP 1 2 3  Red arrow  1XP 3 3  4 5  In the image above, Link’s left arrow is on his head. 

Link’s head has an orange dot, and his arrows point down. 

All the icons on this map are in the form of a circle. 

When you click on a symbol, it takes you to that particular section of the page, where a link to the symbol is displayed. 

There are two ways to access a specific section of this list: by clicking on the icon directly, or by clicking on a link in the lower right corner of the list containing the icon.

To access the head symbol, click the head, and click the arrow next to it. 

To access the arrow icon, click and hold the arrow, then click and drag it upwards to bring up the arrows on the top of the arrow. 

And, to access the arrows, click, hold, and drag them downwards. 

 The yellow arrow icon is located at the bottom of the right column. 

At the top, it’s labeled, “A

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