Modern Wood Stairs in Delhi

The city of Delhi is home to more than 10,000 wood staircases.

Many of these were built in the 1920s and 1930s, with some dating back to the 1800s.

Today, they are popularly used by both people and animals, but they have their share of quirks.

One such staircase has a wooden roof and is the subject of a new feature by The Times of India, which aims to give a more accurate look at the history of these stairs.

The staircase has a narrow wooden roof.

The wood has a very strong feel and when one is standing on it one is reminded of the old days. 

The staircase, known as the ‘Babri’, is in the Bazar area of Delhi.

The city is also home to two other modern wood stairways, one in Pune and another in Patna.

In the latter, a wood frame is used to support the staircase and has a sliding roof.

It is the first one in India.

This stairway was built in 1929, according to the Delhi High Court.

The staircase has an original stone base, which was first used in the 18th century.

A wooden base is also provided, but it is of a very different design, with a thin, curved roof.

The stairs are covered in a thick layer of dust, which makes it difficult to find.

The floors of the staircases are very rough, but the wooden roof provides protection from the elements. 

At the top of the staircase is a bronze door, which has a metal latch.

A thin, plastic door frame is attached to the latch.

This door is only accessible by a small ladder. 

An animal walks down the stairs.

The wooden frame is covered in dust, but there are no doors in the area. 

A view of the stairs from above. 

This is not the only staircase in the city.

It has a large staircase in Srinagar, which is also called the ‘Tirunga’.

The staircase is one of the best in the world.

The stairs are also covered in mud.

It makes it very difficult to climb.

The staircases in both these cities are not open.

They have a sliding floor that allows people to walk on top of it.

The city of Mumbai has its own stairway, known by the acronym of M, which can be seen from many streets in the capital.

The M is the most popular, but some staircases have a wooden frame.

It also has a removable roof and can be climbed. 

Some of these staircases were constructed in the 1950s, and they are decorated with colourful stones. 

While there are two of these M staircases, one was built over 10 years ago and has only one stair, while the other has two. 

These staircases can be accessed by a ladder.

The M stairway has a few more details, such as a large metal latch on the top and a sliding door on the bottom.

The two wooden staircases with the wooden frames are in Puducherry, while one is in Bangalore. 

In the case of the Bengaluru M stair, the staircase has two doors.

The doors are open, so that one can walk on the stairs on either side of the sliding door.

The walls of the two staircases also have holes in them, which allow people to crawl over.

The Indian city of Ahmedabad has the most M stairways.

There are seven, with three being in the Old City, the other in Ahmedabad Colony and two in Ahmednagar Colony.

The tallest of these is in Old Ahmedabad, with an overall height of 6.8 metres.

The next tallest is in Juhapura, with 6.2 metres.

In Ahmednagal, there is a 7.6 metre height. 

There are two M stairwells in Ahmedpur, one on the corner of Sainik Road and the other on the edge of the city, which are connected by a spiral staircase. 

Another M staircase, which also connects the two in Jangali, is 6.4 metres high.

The stairway in the old city, in Ahmedbazar. 

Here are some pictures of these two stairways:

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