The Joke Steps, Painting Basement Steps and Other Stairs You Won’t Believe Were Designed to Be Played on the Streets of New York

A collection of stairs that were once painted and set off by the Joker has been discovered.

According to Gothamist, a local photographer discovered the steps in the basement of a home in the Bronx.

A man named John Moore painted a staircase on the basement stairs of his apartment building in 2008, and it became a landmark.

Moore told Gothamist that he painted the stairs in order to give the building a more realistic look.

Moore said that he wanted to create an illusion of an old building, which was why he went with the stairwells in the first place.

Moore also told Gothamista that the stairs had been in use since the mid-1970s, and he only had to paint one of them.

The stairs were originally painted white, but they were painted red, blue and yellow in order for them to resemble stairs that would appear in The Joker’s film.

Gothamist said that Moore’s steps are just one of many stairs that the building owner used to create a sense of history.

Moore was a local painter and was born in New Jersey, so he is also a descendant of the Joker himself.

The staircase was first installed in the 1930s in a small residential neighborhood of the Bronx, and was originally painted black, but it was later repainted with red, green, blue, and yellow.

Moore has been painting stairwell steps in his apartment since 2010, but the stairway he used was recently found.

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