What is a pumpkin spice latte? | Cringe

Pumpkin spice latkes are a staple of coffeehouses, where you can get your caffeine fix without having to pay the steep $1.50 for the full cup.

Now, it looks like these coffeehouse staples are being discontinued.

The coffeehouse chain Cringe announced that it will no longer carry the popular drinks in stores.

The brand had more than 2,000 locations nationwide, according to the company’s website.

It also announced that Cringe would no longer stock any of the popular cinnamon-spice latte flavors, such as pumpkin spice, cinnamon, and cinnamon latte.

Cringe said it was “working closely with the coffee industry to develop a new product portfolio that will offer our customers more choices for deliciousness and convenience,” according to its statement.

The company will offer “new and exclusive products in the coffee and bakery categories” in the near future, it said.

This news comes after Starbucks, one of the top coffeehouses in the world, recently stopped selling pumpkin spice lattes, as well as cinnamon latkes and cinnamon cinnamon rolls.

The companies had previously agreed to buy a $1 billion stake in Starbucks.

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