How to make a stairway out of a bedroom

In a bid to tackle homelessness in Canberra, the ACT Government has launched a new initiative to turn a bedroom into a staircase.

The project, which involves adding stairs, has been in the works for some time and is part of the ACT Housing and Homelessness Strategy.

The stairs are designed to be installed in a bedroom and are designed for individuals who do not have access to a stairwell or are unable to walk.

The staircase will be installed next to a bathroom, with a single toilet for the user to use.

The ACT Government says it hopes the new stairs will encourage people to make the change to living on the ground.

“We know that we can’t afford to be the only state in Australia that has no accessible, affordable housing,” Minister for Housing and Urban Renewal Peter Collier said.

“That is why we have invested $20 million over the next four years to expand the existing public housing network to include a number of new public housing units and provide access to private apartments.”

Mr Collier says the new staircase will help people to be able to access their housing more easily.

“In some cases it may be a small step, but in others it may mean that people are able to get out of bed and have access on a daily basis to their homes and to their families,” he said.

Mr Coller says the stairs are not meant to replace existing stairs in a public housing unit, but to add a level of security to people living on streets and in rough areas.

“The stairs themselves are not designed to replace a stair.

They are designed specifically to be a level on the street to ensure that people can have access at a moment’s notice to their own homes,” he explained.

Mr Corrigan says the project is part-funded by the Government and has been funded by a grant from the Australian Strategic Research and Development Agency.

“This is a very ambitious initiative and it is also funded by an investment by the ACT government,” he told the ABC.

“It’s about funding for infrastructure to improve our public housing system and we have already seen a huge amount of work on the stairs.”

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