Why is this picture of a dog hidden inside a folding pet stairs?

By the time it’s been discovered, the dog was already inside the stairs.

But the owner of the pet stairs had taken them to a store, and the owner was so concerned about the dog’s safety that she contacted the local animal shelter.

The owner said the pet steps were made of wood, and that they were folded out of a folded pet sofa.

┬áThe animal shelter said the dog wasn’t harmed and would be back home soon.

But the owner said she is not happy that her pet stairs have been taken.

“The fact that they are folded out, they are not made of wooden stairs, so how come they were hidden inside that pet sofa?” she said.

“I feel like the shelter should have called the police.”

It wasn’t until the owner went to the police station with photos of the stairs, that they received a response.

She said they were told that the dog will be put down.

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