Biden’s 4th Stairs Playhouse in Miami opens to the public

A four-story, 1,200-square-foot playhouse in the heart of Miami Beach opened to the general public on Monday for the first time.

Biden Stairs was developed in partnership with The Reel House, which operates two other playhouses in the city.

The playhouse features a wide variety of interactive and interactive-filled elements, including interactive playrooms, a food court, a dance floor, a playroom with a projector and more.

Bids for the $4.75 million project were received Monday.

The $6 million project, which opened in 2014, includes a new bar, a new dance floor and a theater with an outdoor stage and movie theater seats.

The playhouse is expected to open in late summer.

It is a sign of the times that playhouses are increasingly being used to promote tourism.

In 2012, playhouses opened in Venice and Miami.

The Venice playhouse has had some recent renovations, including a new sound system and a new, high-tech screen.

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