What a trip to the top of Biden stairs: A video tour of the biden stairway in downtown San Francisco

This video tour is intended to introduce the history and beauty of the Biden stair.

It takes viewers from the beginning of the building’s construction in 1879, through its construction in 1903, through the construction of the current one in the mid-1960s, and back again.

This tour provides a quick and fun introduction to the stair.

You will see many of the buildings historic features, and then hear the stories behind them.

Each section of the stair is narrated in real time.

The first segment begins with a look inside the lobby of the first office building, which is now the San Francisco Examiner Building.

Then the elevator moves from the lobby to the second floor and through the building, and up the stairwells to the third floor.

The video includes a few photos of the historic stairway and a glimpse at the original plans for the building.

You may want to listen to the audio version of the tour to get a better idea of what the elevator looks like today.

You can also follow along by clicking here to watch the video.

The third segment is a quick tour of one of the entrances to the building in the Mission District.

It includes a walk down the stairs to the elevator.

Finally, you’ll hear the story behind the stair, including the original biden staircase design, the first floor plans for how the elevator would move, and a few details of how the building is today.

To watch the entire video, please click here.

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