How to install an ‘X’ on a wall

A small metal “X” has been placed on a corner stairwell in Melbourne’s CBD to celebrate the completion of a project to replace the metal railing that separates the city’s CBD from its west side.

Key points:The ‘X” is a temporary piece of artwork that has been installed on a stairwell at the corner of West and East Streets in MelbourneThe work is a collaboration between the City of Melbourne and Melbourne Design StudioThe ‘x’ was placed on the stairwell to commemorate the construction of the new stairs in the cityA project by Melbourne Design and the City is funded by the Victorian Government to create a series of “X’s” for people to have a “second home” at the intersection of West Street and East Street.”

It’s just a small piece of art, and it’s just one of the things that has happened,” said Julia Henson, one of four residents from the West End neighbourhood who helped to organise the project.”

And we just thought, we need to have something to celebrate that this has happened.

“The project has been funded by Victorian Government funding, and the project will begin shortly after the end of the summer.”

When we were in the street last week, we got a call saying that the work was completed,” Ms Henson said.”

I said, ‘We have a great idea here, let’s do something for our neighbours’.

“The “X”-themed artwork is an homage to the city of Melbourne’s West End, which sits within the boundaries of the city.

The artwork was installed on the corner stairway of West Stairs in Melbourne, which is adjacent to the new West and West stairs.

It was placed in place of the old railing that separated the two sides of the building.”

We just thought that this was just a little tribute to West Enders, and to see this work being done in a community that’s so close to the community that it’s a very personal and symbolic piece of work,” Ms Kenson said of the artwork.”

But we also want to have this piece of a community where we’re really connected and where we are able to share our lives together.

“The “West” and “West stairs” will be replaced in about six months.”

The West and South stairs are a reminder that there are a lot of people out there, so this is just a symbol of that,” Ms Dolan said.

The “new” West and “South” stairs will be added later this year.

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