When we fold our laundry, we are saving space

In a new documentary called “I Walk” , filmmaker Paul Wackerman shows us how people fold laundry in order to save space.

The idea was born when Wackenberg was working as a cook in the Netherlands.

“I was always looking for ways to make the kitchen more efficient,” he says.

“But it was really just the simple things, like folding clothes.

And there was just nothing else that seemed practical.”

Wackert’s dream is to fold a whole laundry bag, or a big stack of laundry, to be able to store more items.

“And that’s just what we do in the basement,” he laughs.

“It’s a huge thing to do.”

Wacksens dream has become a reality with the release of the “Iwalk” documentary, a project that shows how people are taking up space in the kitchen, and the possibilities it has for improving kitchen efficiency.

The documentary also includes an interactive map that shows where people are folding their laundry, as well as a video guide that explains the process.

The results have been inspiring.

“The fact that I walk and fold my laundry is really freeing.

I feel like I’m being productive,” Wackberg says.

Wackernewes own family has a garage in his town, so he’s used to folding laundry, even though he has no formal training in the process or even a basic understanding of the process, Wackere.

“You have to learn a lot of the tricks, but it is definitely easier than what I was used to,” he said.

“If I had to explain how it works, I would have to talk about my family history, and how I grew up in the house.”

Wackinger explains that folding the laundry takes a lot less time than folding the other items in the household.

“In the Netherlands, folding laundry takes about four hours.

I’ve had people come in to the kitchen with a bag of laundry and they fold it in about five minutes, whereas I’ve seen people fold it three to four hours,” he explains.

“For me, it’s a big benefit.”

Wackers plan to expand his business and create a video series to help people understand the process of folding laundry.

Wackingert says the goal is to “bring the process down to a more natural level and help people have a sense of what it is like to fold their own laundry.”

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