Why are you building wooden plank stairs?

IKEA is building a wooden plank staircase in Delhi, but its not for those who like the look of their house, but for those living in the suburbs of the capital.

The stairs are being built at a site called the Kolkata Suburban Area and are set to be installed this year.

The project is being undertaken to help ease residents living in Delhi’s suburbs from the burden of building and maintaining their own house.

IKEA has been working on similar designs in the past, with its wooden stairs for residential developments.

The new designs have been developed by architects Sankaran Bhattacharya and Praveen Kumar Shrestha, and will be used for the new project.

According to IKEa, the stairs will provide an “easy and clean living experience” in the area.

“With this project, we are hoping to help in reducing the burden on the community by building an accessible and attractive structure in the shape of wooden plank,” Bhattocharya told The Times of India.

However, it remains to be seen whether these stairs will be constructed as a part of a project for residents or whether they will be just a temporary solution.

In a recent article for The Hindu, the architects stated that the “slab and timber plank stair is a natural structure of the structure and will not be replaced in the near future”.

“We hope the new stairs will bring about a more dignified and pleasant living experience for the community and will allow us to make our work more sustainable,” the architects wrote.

It remains to have the exact location of the stairs for residents to be able to access.

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