An Israeli soldier is being honored for his service to the country

An Israeli army soldier is receiving the “swallow-cliff” medal for his heroic sacrifice in the war against the Hamas terror group.

Rami Elhaik, 22, was among a number of soldiers who rescued a group of men from a mine in southern Israel.

According to local media, Elhaicke received the award for his “heroic contribution to combat.”

According to a statement from the Israel Defense Forces, Elraik and his unit were part of a unit that was searching for an ISIS commander when they came across a mine.

According the statement, the group of five soldiers were “determined to avoid capture” when they discovered a mine, which they had previously cleared.

They went to the site and managed to reach the mine.

Upon seeing the tunnel, Elhacke decided to go to investigate.

However, the mine was too deep and the group had to retreat.

After escaping the mine, they reached a safe location in the area.

According Elhaike, the tunnel was then discovered by a mine-detection team that came to the rescue.

Elhaikes group then entered the tunnel to rescue the group.

The commander of the mine-diversion team, Maj. Gen. Shmuel Shacham, told the local media that Elhaiker had “played a major role” in the operation.

He added that the IDF was honored to have him awarded the medal.

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