“I got an iron lung.” – Minecraft creator Chris Roberts

A self-proclaimed iron lung fanatic is now facing an uncertain future after he was found dead inside a room with an iron bar, his body found covered in a plastic sheet.

The man, who was working in a construction site in Mexico, was found by a contractor after he left a closed door and found the door locked, according to a statement from the town of Guadalajara, Mexico.

The dead man was identified as Christopher Roberts, who is credited with the popular multiplayer game Minecraft.

He was known for making a series of mods for the game and is credited as creator of the popular game, which is available for free on consoles and PC.

His work has made him a household name.

His game has spawned a film and a TV series, the latter starring Tom Hanks, and the movie The Iron Lung.

Roberts is also a prolific tweeter and has a Twitter account.

“I have a lot of respect for Chris Roberts.

I have a very positive relationship with him.

I love his game, his art style, and his music,” said J.D. Parnell, who lives in Guadalaharan.”

He’s always been very open to all the people who were in the room that he had been working in.”

According to Parnel, Roberts left a note saying he was working on a “huge game” for the company Mojang, which Mojang has now taken down.

“The door is locked.

He didn’t leave anything,” he told CNN affiliate ABC News.

Roberts was found inside a plastic-covered room at the construction site of a new apartment complex.

He was found after the contractor noticed a plastic cover over a window and asked the man if he had left anything.

Roberts told him he had just left a book, according the statement.

The worker, who had a history of mental illness, told authorities that he was in a state of panic and that Roberts was not alone.

A postmortem examination revealed that Roberts had “very high levels of carbon monoxide poisoning,” the company said in a statement.

The worker told authorities he did not know the man well and that he did “not remember” having left the book.

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