Two new skate parks open for summer 2017


(AP) Two new skating parks open in Missouri this summer, one on the Kansas border and another on the border of Kansas and Missouri.

The Kansas Skate Park opened Saturday in Jefferson City.

It has a total of 11 skateparks, each with its own theme.

The Kansas Skateshop, on the Missouri border, is a 3-lane, 25-foot-wide open skate park with a two-lane skatepark with a ramp that connects to the two other skateparcs.

The two other parks are on the other side of the border in Missouri and both are called The Kansas City Skatepark and The Missouri Skatehop.

A spokesperson for the Kansas Skating Park told The Associated Press that the park is still open, but the Kansas City skatepark is closed due to a construction project.

The Missouri Skating Parks will open for the summer of 2017.

It will have a total skate park of 30 spaces.

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