How to Fold Up a Tower of Pounds in Under 1 Hour

You can do it!

We’ve all done it.

We’re all doing it right now.

We are just not sure how to do it.

In a world of folding, folding, and folding again, this one is for you.

It’s called folding a tower of pounds.

Here’s how.1.

Fold the building up.

I think this is the easiest one.

It takes a few seconds, but it works.2.

Fold it all together.

Fold everything you want to make up into one large pile.

Take out any unused material like the flooring.

If you’re not a fan of folding things like the stairs, the roof is best left intact.3.

Fold up your stairs.

This is the trickiest.

Take the staircase out and then fold it all up in half.

It doesn’t take long.

You’ll be able to walk through the entire building without needing to do anything else.4.

Fold stairs.

Don’t forget to do the same with your stairs, or else you’ll get them all mixed up in your pile.5.

Fold over the front of your house.

You can fold over your front yard to make room for a large, folding staircase.

That’s a pretty cool way to make space for a new house.6.

Fold a bunch of furniture.

Here are some more fun projects for folding:1.

Build a folding bed.

This one takes a bit of work, but once you have a pile of fabric, you can fold it up into a pillowcase and place it in your living room.2, Fold a sofa.

If your house is too big for a sofa, this foldable chair can be used for a couch, or you can simply fold it over your sofa and put it in the living room for the couch.3, Fold up a bed.

You could use this for a bedside table, or put it over a desk for a chair.4, Fold your kitchen sink.

Just be careful about your sink, because the water will go into the house and start soaking your carpet.

You might not even notice, but you’ll have to clean it often.5, Fold the kitchen wall.

You’ve probably already seen this one before, but there’s something that could be added to this house.

It looks like a small folding table, but the truth is it’s a massive foldable wall!6, Fold down the stairs.

Not so much a staircase, but a folding chair.

Just make sure you fold down all of the stairs before you put the folding chair on top of it.7, Fold out your basement window.

The bottom of the window could use some folding, too.8, Fold over a wall.

This would be perfect for a wall that’s just too big to fold over, or if you’re building an underground wall.9.

Fold on your car.

Fold your car into the driveway.

If the car is already a folded-up mess, you could just fold the hood up over the hood and leave it to sit there.10, Fold for the night.

If it’s the weekend, you don’t have to be a professional at folding, but if it’s going to be your only day at home, then this could be the best idea you’ve ever made.11.

Fold down your bedroom window.

This window can be folded into its own section of the house.

This works really well.12, Fold in the back yard.

This could be folded up and placed under a tree, or it could be a large pile of stuff folded up on a picnic table.13, Fold to the side.

This might be an odd idea, but here’s an idea.

You know how you can see a huge pile of things in your yard, but your house doesn’t have enough room for them?

Well, this is how you fold your yard.14, Fold into your kitchen.

This will make your kitchen look really neat and tidy.

You won’t have the stairs yet, but folding the kitchen into the yard will make it easy to see everything you need.15, Fold back into the garage.

This project is great for people who like to keep things tidy, or just want to see how it’s done in the garage, but this might also be for those who are less organized.16, Fold across the house, or even your house itself.

It’ll be easy to fold it across your yard and it won’t look like you’re folding a giant pile of clothes on top.

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