Aluminum dock stairs replacement: How much?

Up to three times the cost of the existing aluminum stairs can be replaced by an aluminum dock stair.

The Irish National Archives says a dock staircase can cost up to €100,000, and is often used for temporary maintenance, such as for a door or window, or when a building is remodeled.

There are some guidelines to the use of the dock stairs.

They must be able to move independently and they must be at least 5 metres high, but can also be made taller if necessary.

The Dublin County Council’s Building Standards Council has guidelines, but says it is not always possible to install the new stairs because of “the complexity of the construction”.

The council says that when a dock stair is replaced, it must be raised up to the standard of the original dock staircase and there must be no damage to the original staircase or to the surrounding foundations.

If you would like more information about the installation of dock stairs, call the Dublin Dock Stairs Service on 086-2-6160.

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