Palisades are a huge, rainbow staircase in Texas

Palisade Hills is a popular spot for weddings and other gatherings in Texas.

But when the new tallest structure in the state was unveiled earlier this month, the townspeople and guests didn’t exactly see a rainbow staircase.

Instead, they saw a huge and almost comically oversized stairway.

Palisades, located in the middle of the Texas Panhandle, is the largest in the Panhandle and was built in 1959.

The 6,700-foot tall structure was originally meant to be a three-story building with a helipad, but after construction workers started working on it, the design was changed to a giant stairway that could be extended to five stories.

The Palisad Hills website describes it as a “symbol of the grandeur of Palisadas, Texas and of the pride of the town,” and it’s located on the site of a former lumber mill, which was demolished in the 1970s.

The structure features a large helipads that allow people to enjoy a more secluded experience, with access to a balcony for a view of the valley below.

The building is open to the public on Sundays from 4 p.m. to 10 p.t.

The view is great, but only the people who live there are allowed to climb the structure.

The top floor is a small outdoor courtyard and is accessible to the general public by using a wheelchair ramp.

According to the Palisada Hills website, the tallest structure can be reached via the helipost and the main entrance.

It’s not clear if the people climbing the stairs are allowed into the main plaza and/or can just climb the staircase.

Palaisades can be seen as the largest and most spectacular structure in Texas, but the sheer size of the structure and the fact that it can be extended out to five story height made it even more spectacular.

A video posted to the site shows people taking a stroll along the balcony.

The video is accompanied by an audio commentary by local comedian, comedian Johnathan “Doc” Thompson.

In the commentary, Thompson tells viewers that the helipsad is a sign of pride and pride is pride.

He then tells viewers about the history of the Palaisades.

Thompson said that while it was difficult for him to understand what was going on in the video, he was amazed by how people were so excited to see the helisad.

He said it was like a little bit of a celebration for this new building.

“It just goes to show you, the more you celebrate something, the bigger it gets,” Thompson said.

“I think it’s just really cool to see people so happy to see something so monumental.”

Thompson said the heliysad is actually one of the tallest structures in Texas and he hoped it would inspire people to embrace it and enjoy it.

“When you walk down that helipat, it’s like a giant rainbow staircase,” he said.

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