When is your next birthday?

With his wife, daughter, and dog, Andrew is often the one at the front of the queue to see his family.

He said he was looking forward to having his birthday on December 11.

“My wife’s birthday is on December 6,” he said.

“I’ve been getting up early for years and I was just looking forward for the birth of my daughter, but I’ll have to wait a little bit longer.”

Andrew said the last few years have been difficult.

“Last year, we’ve been living on the outskirts of Vancouver,” he explained.

“The weather has been bad and we haven’t had a lot of opportunities to do things that we want to do.

It’s been a struggle.”

In a recent interview with the Vancouver Sun, Andrew said he’s been “pretty happy” about his situation and he has a positive outlook.

He’s hopeful for the future.

“I think in the future I’m going to be really happy, because I know that I’m really lucky,” he told the paper.

But, he admitted, “I have to be careful because I’ve got a big family, and I’ve been struggling to make ends meet.”

Vancouver is a city of many challenges, and the city’s recent floods and severe weather have added to the pressure.

Videos from social media have shown families stranded at shelters and many others unable to go out for the holidays.

The city has been dealing with a record number of wildfires, as well as a surge in homelessness and a rising rate of opioid addiction, with a high number of homeless and people with mental health issues among the problem.

In his latest interview with CBC News, Andrew noted that he’s received a lot support from the city and police, but added that “a lot of it is just being a good person and working hard.”

“It’s a tough time, but it’s also a good time,” he added.

“You have to get through it.

If you’ve got the motivation to do that, you can do it.”

On the flipside, he said, “You’re always going to have problems.”

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