How to build your own giant stairs

Premade stairs are the simplest and cheapest way to make your own, even though they’re more complicated than traditional stairs.

You can build a wooden box that sits atop a foundation, and you can buy premade wooden stairs from a hardware store or the local lumber yard.

You just need to assemble the boxes and add the hardware to the base.

It’s not too complicated, and it’s fun to build.

Here’s how to build a premade staircase: Step 1: Take the foundation and build it into a wooden frame.

For this tutorial, I used a wooden foundation that I found at Home Depot.

I cut the wood and sanded the edges down to create a flat surface.

You might need to sand it down slightly with a sandpaper or a file to make sure it looks smooth.

Step 2: Cut the base into the box.

The box is about 3 feet long and 4 feet wide.

To make the box, measure the width of the box and measure the length of the side that is next to it.

Make sure you measure the same length of your base.

You’ll need to cut out the width you cut off at the top of the base to make it longer, then sand it all down.

Step 3: Cut a 3-foot hole for the base of the stairs.

Make the hole 3 feet in diameter, about the same size as the sides of the wooden box.

Step 4: Use your sanding hammer to polish the wood around the sides and bottom of the hole.

Sand the top and bottom, but not the inside of the bottom.

It should look like this: The outside of the wood should be smooth.

If not, sanding too hard can damage the surface.

Step 5: Secure the top with a wood glue.

The glue should be a thick and hard-to-cut material that you can get in the hardware store.

I like to buy a hard plastic or aluminum type that is flexible.

I don’t use wood glue on the inside.

The wood glue makes the stairs more stable.

Step 6: You can use a 2-inch piece of 3-inch plywood to support the base, but you’ll want to use a 3/4-inch wood dowel for the top.

Step 7: Drill a hole in the wood.

Use a jigsaw to cut a hole into the wood, about 2 inches wide.

Drill holes in the base so that the hole fits snugly into the base and then glue the dowel to the hole with wood glue and water.

You want to glue the top so it is flush with the bottom of your wooden box and not so close that it sticks out.

You should get a big, smooth, square hole in each of the sides.

Step 8: Add the hardware.

You could use any kind of hardware you can find at the hardware yard or local hardware store, but I like the wood glue-based hardware because it won’t fray, will hold up well for years, and has a very long life.

Step 9: Put the wood base on top of your stairs.

It is going to be a little more difficult to attach the stairs to the wood because the top is a little higher than the sides, so make sure the base is about 6 inches above the sides as well.

You need to add the wood foundation and the bottom and the top together.

You don’t need to glue everything together, but make sure that you keep the sides clean and tidy so the stairs don’t fall off when they break.

Step 10: Place the stairs on your driveway and add a roof and a gate.

It doesn’t have to be super tall, just tall enough so that it will hold the stairs and the gates securely together.

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