How to fix Hawaii’s new stairs

Posted November 16, 2018 07:10:50 Honolulu’s new sidewalks will help prevent people from jumping, but the city is still figuring out how to fix them.

A new city-commissioned report says Honolulu’s sidewalks are too narrow and too narrow for pedestrians.

The city says the sidewalks were designed to handle people, but it’s not clear how well they do.

The City Council has asked for feedback on the sidewalk design and plans to make improvements.

It also wants the city to consider adding ramps to help people navigate the streets.

In the report, the city said the city needed to design a new sidewalk system because sidewalks are not built to be a sidewalk.

They’re built to accommodate cars.

They are built to provide access for pedestrians and bicycles.

We need to take steps to make sure that we’re making the streets a pedestrian friendly place.

And we’re doing that through our design and the design process.

City Council member Mike Kealoha said the new sidewalks are more than just a design decision.

“They’re actually about a city-wide design and we need to make the streets safer,” Kealoha said.

The sidewalk design needs to be based on what people want.

If you want to walk, walk a few blocks to the street where you want your destination, or you want a different place to walk and you want it to be safe, you have to go through a different system, said Kealooha.

But the city says some pedestrians want to go more than a few feet.

Kealoaoh said that’s a good idea.

If we don’t make the street safer for pedestrians, we’ll see more accidents, he said.

A survey showed the average person spends more than six hours a day on sidewalks.

That includes walking, biking, running and riding a bike.

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