How to remove a ship’s topmost mast, including a retractable attic staircase

A ship’s main mast can be easily detached from the ship, and it’s an especially common task for a new owner.

The mast is usually located on the starboard side of the ship and is attached to the main mast with metal brackets.

But sometimes, it can also be found on the port side of a ship, or on the side opposite the stern, and can be removed.

Here’s how to remove the mast from a vessel.

Removal Steps Step 1.

Unplug the power supply on the main engine, or turn the ship off and off again until you hear a click.

Step 2.

Plug the power outlet into a power outlet that is on the same power line as the main power supply.

Step 3.

Plug in the new power supply to the new main power outlet.

If you don’t hear a clicking sound, you can also try turning the ship on again, but the mast can still be pulled out.

Step 4.

Place the mast on a flat surface, and pull the cable through the gap.

If it’s tight, the mast will snap off.

Step 5.

You can pull the mast out of the way by pulling on the mast.

The tugging will push the mast into the water and pull it out of line.

Step 6.

You’ll have to carefully untangle the cables that attach the mast to the ship.

There are also cable ties that connect the mast directly to the bow of the vessel, which is what makes it a common task to remove it.

If there’s not enough slack on the cables, it will pull on the ship through the water, causing the mast and ship to sink.

Step 7.

Remove the mast by pulling at the metal connector.

Once you have the mast off, remove the cable ties to remove any remaining metal.

Step 8.

Remove a piece of metal that attaches the mast, and remove the anchor.

Remove and discard any debris that may have fallen off the anchor, and place it in the trash.

Step 9.

Place a piece or two of wood, which has been soaked in water, in a container.

Step 10.

Place an empty plastic bag on the ground next to the container.

Place in the garbage can and leave it there for at least 24 hours.

Step 11.

Put a plastic bag in the water to drain the excess water.

Step 12.

Wait for the plastic bag to drain completely.

If the plastic is still wet, take it off the trash can and rinse it with the same container.

Remove any excess water from the plastic.

Step 13.

Put the plastic into the garbage, and use the trash bag to fill it with water.

Remove excess water by placing the plastic in a small bucket.

Step 14.

Place your trash bag over the plastic, and put the plastic down.

Wait at least an hour to let the water drain completely and you can dispose of the plastic using a plastic shredder or the plastic shredding machine.

Step 15.

Use the shredder to shred the plastic by hand.

The metal will rust and the pieces of plastic will crack.

Step 16.

You may want to use a metal saw to cut through the metal with a saw blade.

This will remove all the metal pieces and remove any debris from the metal.

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