What would a haiku staircase look like?

The haiku stair is one of the most popular forms of architecture in Japan.

It’s one of those designs that’s really easy to make, because you can make a basic shape that’s easy to follow, and then you can add embellishments.

The stairs are designed to help people to escape the house, and because they’re made of wood, they’re very strong.

A Japanese company, Tsurumi, made the haiku stairs.

The company took the stairs design and created a whole new kind of design that is more practical, with fewer structural challenges.

The first haiku steps were installed in Japan in 2011.

In the next two years, the company installed over 2,500 haiku-stairs, and in 2014, they installed more than 10,000.

Tsurumi’s new designs are made of a material called kuriyama, which is a lightweight material that’s extremely durable.

It doesn’t require any special tools to construct, and it’s very easy to work with.

The wood of the stairs has a lot of strength, and is designed to be strong when it’s being bent or broken.

They’re also easy to clean and maintain.

A haiku step is a single layer of wood on top of a layer of plastic, with a piece of cloth on the bottom.

A small hole in the bottom of the stair can be used to put a book or other object into the hole, and that way the material will be stable.

The next step is to lay down the metal on top.

The metal is designed with a curved, curved shape that allows for the material to be easily bent.

It has a very strong surface, and the top of the metal is covered with a very thin layer of polystyrene that holds it in place.

When it’s broken, it’s easy for the metal to be pulled out, and you can take the pieces and put them back together again.

Tshunpiyama and Kogoro are a two companies that make the hakimasu, which are wooden stairs that can be made using the same materials.

The basic design is quite simple, and there are only a few materials that need to be used.

You can buy the materials from a large range of online stores, like eBay, Amazon, and Ikea.

These are the kinds of materials that you’ll find in most furniture stores, and they are made in China.

The materials are made by using a special process, called chirigaki.

Chirigakis are a type of machine that takes pieces of wood and screws them together, and this takes a lot longer.

This makes it possible to build more complex stairs.

There are two types of chirigi: a traditional chiriki and a modern one.

The traditional chiri is a simpler design.

It uses one piece of wood as the base, and another piece of polyethylene as the upper and lower legs.

A screw goes into the polyethylie.

The upper leg is attached to the lower leg, and when it breaks, the screw will come out.

The wooden structure of the staircase is a part of the traditional charii, and if the screw breaks, you don’t have to worry about breaking the upper leg.

There’s a plastic sheet that protects the screw.

The plastic sheet holds the screw in place, and can be removed and replaced when it gets damaged.

Modern chirigsai are made with metal, and are more complex.

The construction is similar to the traditional, but with a bit more complexity.

You need to build the wooden structure in two pieces, but they are joined together.

There is a small metal hole in between the two pieces.

The polyethylyne sheet that holds the screws in place can be pulled off and replaced, but you can’t replace the metal itself.

It needs to be re-used.

You also need to take the screws out of the polyethylene sheet and put it back in the plastic sheet, and re-attach it again.

The whole structure is made of three parts, and each piece has to be attached to one of three different parts: the screw, the polystyrian sheet, the metal sheet, or both.

The original material that was used for the stairs was a material that is called kikusuri, or “plastic-iron,” or kikusa, or kogoro.

It is an all-weather, lightweight, strong, and light-weight material.

It was originally used in the construction of trains, and also used in construction of ships.

The steel needed to make the stairs is called sana or kodachi, or ka-sho, or shin.

The shinto tradition in Japan has a strict rule about how many times you must use one type of material.

You have to use it for a certain period of time, and a certain number of times, in order to be able to keep that material safe. A

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